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Rcom Cabinet Bird Egg Incubator Maru Deluxe Pro 200

Rcom Cabinet Bird Egg Incubator Maru Deluxe Pro 200


Note, order the Maru Deluxe Pro 200SD egg incubator hatcher direct from the authorized Please, click here


Egg incubator hatcher Rcom maru deluxe pro px200sd is an intelligent incubator with automatic temperature, humidity and slide egg turning in 120V. The digital egg incubator automatically stop the turning on last hatching days making it convenient. The digital egg incubator comes pre-programed for various bird egg that makes it easy to operate and modify.

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110v - 120v 60H Cord for USA, Canada and Mexico.


  • Capacity: 192 regular size chicken eggs.
  • Convenient jog dial operation for optimized user interface
  • Integrated simple control panel (superior maintenance)
  • Automatic temperature & humidity control and set function
  • Comes with pre-configured settings for temperature, humidity and turning for various species of birds. Settings can also be adjusted as desired.
  • Automatic egg turning at a greater egg turning intervals of no turning, every 10 minutes, 15', 45', 60', 75' , ...etc as desired)
  • Automatic Egg turning at a greater egg turning angel control at zero angel, 15 degree, 30 degree, 45', 60',...etc, 180 degree.)
  • FND display for easy recognition of incubation state
  • Artificial intelligence electronic control system by Rcom technology
  • Precise temperature and humidity sensor produced by Sensirion, Swiss (ver. 3rd Generation of Sensirion, Swiss)
  • Transparent double insulated viewing window
  • Sliding vent to in the chamber
  • Dependable temperature by Rcom optimum air flow technology
  • Innovative PTC Heating Type humidifier eliminates bacteria from humidity reservoir
  • Built-in water level sensing switch automatically detect the water level inside the humidifier and alarm water refill is required
  • Increased temperature stability and energy efficiency due to high-density insulated body developed by Rcom
  • Built-in open door micro-switch detection
  • Option to select ON/OFF function each of eggs on the universal tray
  • Temperature range: 20C-42C (68F-107.6F)
  • Humidity: 30%-70%
  • Maximum Electrical wattage: 440W
  • Average electrical power: 70W
  • Weight: 26KG
  • Number of trays: 4 Floors
  • Measurement: 484mm X 637mm X 573mm

  • Useful Function
  • Degree C / degree F interchangeable
  • Separate humidifier not required due to built-in humidifier unit within the device
  • Warning & display function of abnormal temperature caused by ambient temperature fluctuation
  • Incubation data memory and alarm function in case of blackout
  • Equipped with water nipple in front for efficient water supply
  • Equipped with removable upper cover for convenience of cleaning or maintenance after incubation
  • Built in LED dome-light for ease of viewing when door is open
  • Universal tray sliding device for uniform egg incubation
  • Automatic egg rotation at any angle carried out by tray carrier filler
  • Built-in combination tray for hatching and brooding
  • Automatic water suction mechanism and the needed parts. Just submerse the provided tube in any external distilled water jug that is placed conveniently outside and below the top of the incubator.
  • Upper cover easily removable for cleaning and maintenance.
  • Adjustable universal tray and aluminum dividers suitable for most egg sizes

  • Sold Separately
  • Egg candler. Highly recommended to test the eggs for cracks before you incubate them to prevent bacterial growth inside the incubator. You can also test the eggs after several days for signs of embryo.
  • Please, use non-fluoridated distilled water only.
  • Please, use an electrical surge protector.
  • Please, cleanup the machine well after each use to prevent bacteria growth.

  • We recommend that you use a separate hatcher to keep the incubator free from Bacteria.

    Egg incubator hatcher Rcom maru deluxe pro px200sd user manual

    The egg incubator hatcher Rcom maru deluxe pro px200sd had few improvements over its predecessor the Rcom maru pro px200s. This model had upgraded humidity, heater, easier dial control panel, added door light and better insulation. It is best to use a separate hatcher brooder if you have a frequent collection of fresh eggs so that you keep adding fresh fertile eggs without stopping the turning mechanism for the time of hatching. Thereafter, you can move the ready for hatching eggs to a separate hatcher. It is also a good practice to spot check the incubator temperature and humidity setting before each new incubation by using a reliable external meter such as what we have the digi log iii. In case the machine needs recalibration, the egg incubator hatcher Rcom maru mx190cd allows the user to easily reset the machine to the factory default or re-calibrate the temperature and humidity. The egg incubator hatcher Rcom maru deluxe pro px200sd does not require a special water jug, but use a clean distilled gallon of water placed on a floor below the incubator water line. If you need a hatcher, you can use another egg incubator hatcher by stopping the turning or see our hatcher options such as the egg hatcher brooder Rcom maru deluxe mx380hbd.

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