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Rcom Reptile Egg Incubator Max 60


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The reptile egg incubator hatcher is easy to operate and clean. The reptile egg incubatior hatcher is suitable for various reptile egg species. Easy to clean and operate. It is fun and is ideal for students, classrooms, and hobbyists.

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Power: 110-120V 60H and cord for USA, Canada and Mexico


  • Luxury design with streaming egg shaped concept.
  • It display the humidity and set warning parameters. You adjust the humidity based on mixture of water and vermiculite bedding proportion until desired parameters before incubating.
  • Artificial intelligent electronic control sensor to automatically adjust the cycle of incubator for optimal condition
  • FND window displays humidity and temperature data.
  • Outer temperature sensor for automatic adjustment of heating rate in relation to surrounding room temperature.
  • Minimize the parasitic bacteria by not using revolutionary hygienic duplicate insulation structure (bottom-egg tray).
  • Automatic temperature setting and control with adjustment from 20¬¨‚àûC - 42¬¨‚àûC (Can switch to 68¬¨‚àûF to 107.6¬¨‚àûF.
  • Daily temperature gaps setting is also available.
  • capacity: 10 to 60 eggs.
  • Enhanced reliability by using 3rd generation Swiss's sensirion to control temperature and humidity.
  • Digital display of temperature and humidity
  • Simple digital operation with user friendly controls for hobbies or professionals.
  • Thick wide double-glazed viewing window for minimal temperature and humidity influence from outside area and allow observation of the entire eggs.
  • Optimal air circulation technique with BLDC fan to maintain even temperature gap.
  • Made of sturdy plastic that is easy to clean, disassemble, assemble and access to incubation area.
  • Heater safety and reliability features.
  • Automatically store of all data in case of power outage and resume when power is on.
  • Power consumption: 48W (average 20W)
  • Weight 1.9kg N.W., 5.5 KG G.W.
  • Absolutely pleasant design and rich automatic friendly features makes it one of the best in its class.

Items you will receive with the reptile egg incubator hatcher Rcom mx60r"

Incubator,electrical cord, tray, reptile vermiculite and instructional manual

Reptile egg incubator hatcher Rcom mx60r user manual

Optional parts sold separately

egg candler such as Rcom 200 lumen egg candler

External meter to assist in reset or re-calibrating the temperature and humidity such as Rcom digi log iii.


The reptile egg incubator hatcher is suitable for incubating variety of reptile egg species such as: reptile bear dragon egg, tortoise egg, turtle egg, gecko egg, alligator egg, snake egg, chameleon egg, iguana egg, python egg, green python egg or uromastyx egg (spiny-tailed lizard). We have zoos in the USA and Canada that use the reptile egg incubator hatcher Rcom mx60r. It is easy to use and clean. In case you need to return the reptile egg incubator hatcher to factory default setting, you could do that as well. In addition, if you have an external humidity and temperature meter as the Rcom digi log iii we carry under parts, you can check the machine before each incubation to compare the actual internal readings and the displayed readings and if there is discrepancy, you can re-calibrate it that makes it useful. We recommend using 1 lb of vermiculite bedding

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