Rcom Maru MX380CD Deluxe Bird Egg Incubator Hatcher with universal egg trays: The Pinnacle of Automated Precision Hatching

Rcom Maru MX380CD Deluxe Bird Egg Incubator Hatcher with universal egg trays: The Pinnacle of Automated Precision Hatching
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Introduce the Rcom Maru MX380CD Deluxe Bird Egg Incubator Hatcher [#RcomMaruMX380CD] [BirdIncubator], a milestone in advanced incubation technology. Ideal for high-volume hatcheries, this incubator provides precision and convenience with a fully automated system and superior temperature and humidity management [#AutomatedIncubator, #PrecisionHatching].

Key Features:

  • Massive Capacity for up to 336 chicken eggs [#HighCapacityIncubator, #IndustrialHatching].

  • Digital Mastery with user-friendly jog dial and digital panel [#DigitalIncubatorControl, #UserFriendlyHatching].

  • Advanced Humidity Regulation via built-in humidifier [#HumidityControl, #StableIncubation].

  • AI Smart Technology for consistent and reliable hatching [#AIIncubation, #SmartHatchingTech].

  • Precision Sensing with Swiss Sensirion sensors [#PrecisionSensors, #AccurateIncubation].

  • Clear Observation through insulated window and ventilation system [#IncubatorWindow, #EggObservation].

  • Sanitary Heating with PTC heating-type humidifier [#HygienicHatching, #CleanIncubation].

  • Energy-Efficient design with high-density insulation [#EnergyEfficient, #SustainableHatching].

Additional Functions:

  • Versatile Readouts between Celsius and Fahrenheit [#TemperatureReadouts, #CelsiusFahrenheit].

  • Memory Feature to preserve settings during power outages [#DataRetention, #ContinuousOperation].

  • Internal LED Lighting for heat-free incubation monitoring [#LEDLighting, #EggMonitoring].

  • Easy Maintenance with automatic water refill system [#EasyMaintenance, #WaterRefillSystem].

  • Adaptable Egg Trays customizable for different poultry types [#CustomEggTrays, #PoultryVariety].

Peak Performance Tips:

  • Use non-fluoridated distilled water for optimal humidifier performance [#WaterQuality, #HumidifierCare].

  • Employ surge protection for electrical safety [#SurgeProtection, #IncubatorSafety].

  • Maintain cleanliness for best hatching results [#CleanIncubation, #HatchingSuccess].

  • Dedicated Hatching space with Rcom Maru Deluxe MX380HBD for specialization [#DedicatedHatching, #HatchingOptimization].


  • Enhanced Controls surpassing previous models [#AdvancedControls, #IncubatorUpgrades].

Setup & Maintenance Insights:

  • Simple Calibration for accuracy [#EasyCalibration, #IncubatorAccuracy].

  • Straightforward Water Setup for hygiene [#SimpleWaterSetup, #IncubatorHygiene].

Expand Your Hatching Suite:

  • Optional Accessories like egg trays and egg candlers [#HatchingAccessories, #EggCandler].

  • Sterile Environment maintenance for higher success [#SterileIncubation, #SuccessfulHatching].
Eggs Turning Style
Rocking Egg Turning: Advanced Rocking Egg Turner for Optimal Embryo Development, mimicking natural hen incubation movements.
Egg Capacity
Industrial Capacity: Holds 336 medium (chicken, pheasant, duck, macaw, amazon), 168 large (turkey, goose), or 672 small (quail, parrot) eggs. Top choice for commercial avian incubation.
Rcom Maru Max mx380CD
Transform your hatching experience with the Rcom Maru MX380CD Deluxe Bird Egg Incubator Hatcher with universal egg trays, featuring unparalleled digital control and automation for a flawless incubation experience.
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Product Dimensions inches
16,7 x 31.1 x 30.1
Product Dimensions Centimeters
42.5 x 79 x 76.5
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Warrantry Information
2 years. Returned Shipping cost at owner expense. assumes no responsibility for losses or damage from their equipment other than replacement of defective parts. No guarantee on hatchablilty of eggs. Do not expose electrical parts to water
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Electricity Type
USA and North America 110-120V 60 Hertz
Feature Compatibility
Bird Egg Key Features:
Bird Egg: Turkey
Bird Egg: Goose
Bird Egg: Finch
Bird Egg: Canary
Bird Egg: Cockatiel
Bird Egg: Chicken
Bird Egg: Duck
Bird Egg: Quail
Bird Egg: Pigeon
Bird Egg: Parrot
Bird Care Equipment
Bird Cabinet Incubator Hatcher
Energy Consumption
70-440 Watts